Drunk Adults Arrested With 3-Year-Old in Car

Drunk Adults Arrested With 3-Year-Old In Car
… Margeson French Kissed Son, Wlliam Partridge, To Give Him Drugs In Jail. Officials in Penn Yan, NY, say Kimberly Margeson, 54, passed two Oxycodone painkiller pills to her 30-year-old, William Partridge by french kissing him during a jailhouse …
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Suboxone: A Double-Edged Sword
Although only a brief Internet physician licensure course is required to be able to prescribe this drug, a background in addiction and treatment experience are fundamental to prescribing it skillfully and in a way that best meets the needs of the …
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Powerful Painkiller Blamed in Overdose Death
A medical examiner determined the cause of death was a drug overdose related to the pain killer fentanyl. According to a criminal complaint, David … "It's about 50 times stronger than any other pain killer out there," says Tom Ritchie, clinical …
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