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Is “Depression” Real?

Question by Anthony N: Is “Depression” Real?
I rarely watch television, but whenever I am “lucky” enough to I also manage to run into one or two commercials regarding depression and its alleged symptoms. Now, from what I believe, depression… Continue reading

Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center Florida


Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center Florida – Call 772-337-8500 New Life Addiction Center: Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center located in Port Saint Lucie Florida. substance drug abuse detox from alcohol …


Translational Addiction Center at UTMB To Target New Treatment… Continue reading

Drunk Adults Arrested With 3-Year-Old in Car

Drunk Adults Arrested With 3-Year-Old In Car
… Margeson French Kissed Son, Wlliam Partridge, To Give Him Drugs In Jail. Officials in Penn Yan, NY, say Kimberly Margeson, 54, passed two Oxycodone painkiller pills to her 30-year-old, William Partridge by… Continue reading

Public Attitudes and Policy Toward Drug Addiction Shift

Public attitudes and policy toward drug addiction shift
Drugs were no longer seen as an inner city problem, but as one that reached the suburbs. Stiff penalties for drug use, including mandatory sentencing for drug crimes, remained on the books.… Continue reading

Man Sentenced to Four-Plus Years on Gross Sexual Imposition Charge

Man sentenced to four-plus years on gross sexual imposition charge
Curran's attorney, Jennifer Gorby, countered he has no felony convictions and no drug use convictions. There were more family members in the courtroom in support of Curran than the three… Continue reading

How Can You Tell if People at Your Work Are on Drugs.?

Question by : how can you tell if people at your work are on drugs.?

Best answer:

Answer by John Sanders
depends on the drug

Answer by 2 of cups
A lot of talking and laughing…narcotics…glazed wild eyes…pot…yawning and out… Continue reading