“Stop Making That Noise or You’re Going to Drive Me to Drink!”?

Question by jennilaine777: “Stop making that noise or you’re going to drive me to drink!”?
I heard a woman say this to her toddler inside Target. I spun around and gave a cold stare to the woman. She didn’t take away the toy that was making the noise, but kept yelling at the toddler to stop making the noise about 5 times. I was offended by the woman’s actions and words. Am I wrong for feeling this? Do you think the woman was saying and doing this for my attention? (I was the only one around in earshot.) Was she trying to get sympathy from me, or to strike up a conversation so she could vent to me? What do you think?
DDaring… no, you’re wrong… I wanted to ask a question in Yahoo answers. This is the first thing that poped into my head. Assumptions can lead to people making asses out of themselves. Holier than thou never works, dear sir. The question is… what do you think about HER actions, not mine.

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Answer by Indiana Frenchman
I think she is highly stressed and does not know how to be a good mother …looking for an excuse to have another drink .. hopefully her family will intervene

Answer by Raul V
Don’t read too far into her action! That is the way many of us feel that others can see the ‘authority’ we wield around our kids. Just a way of justifying our kid’s bad conduct and our inability to control them!

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