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“Stop Making That Noise or You’re Going to Drive Me to Drink!”?

Question by jennilaine777: “Stop making that noise or you’re going to drive me to drink!”?
I heard a woman say this to her toddler inside Target. I spun around and gave a cold stare to the woman. She didn’t take… Continue reading

Rehab for Wellbutrin???

Question by ~*Girly Girl*~: Rehab for Wellbutrin???
My family is trying to send me to a one year long rehab program because I am clinically depressed. I am currently on Wellbutrin and have had great results other than a little… Continue reading

Has Something Like “Smartphone Addiction” Been Defined?

Question by Carlos: Has something like “smartphone addiction” been defined?
I have noticed, few of my friends aren’t able to relax without using their smartphone. Is it some phenomenon of these days to be bounded to some device?

Best answer:… Continue reading

Question About Self Harm Treatment?

Question by datdudeyahknow: Question about self harm treatment?
I have a friend who cuts herself and she has asked me about what can she do to get better and if there are any treatment places but I don’t know much… Continue reading

General Addiction Support?

Question by Meghan W.: General addiction support?
I have what I believe to be an addiction, but it does not fall into the regular “groups” (Drugs, Alcohol, Sex/Porn, etc). Are there any general addiction support groups where I could seek… Continue reading

What Kinds of Medicines Do Phsiayrists Prescribe?

Question by Sarah: What kinds of medicines do phsiayrists prescribe?
No I do not mean psychologist or psychiatrist. I mean a physiatrist who deals with spinal cord injuries or back problems. I was In a wreck and have back pain… Continue reading