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Florida Teens Miss Prom After Passing Breathalyzer Tests

Florida teens miss prom after passing Breathalyzer tests
(CNN) — It wasn't a matter of "all dressed up and no place to go" for a group of Florida high schoolers. Rather, it was more that they were … "When they… Continue reading

Addicted to Profits: Insurance Companies Adjust Coverage of Methadone Clinics

Addicted to Profits: Insurance companies adjust coverage of methadone clinics
Substance abuse requires comprehensive approaches that include prevention, intervention and treatment. … Patients will be assisted by the BPHC in their transition to a for-profit private clinic called Community… Continue reading

Seniors From Drexel's Inaugural Product Design Class Create Prototypes That

Seniors from Drexel's Inaugural Product Design Class Create Prototypes that
Upon being diagnosed with the chronic disease, Cueto, now a senior product design major at Drexel University, was prescribed an inhaler to treat his symptoms. He quickly noticed that… Continue reading

“Stop Making That Noise or You’re Going to Drive Me to Drink!”?

Question by jennilaine777: “Stop making that noise or you’re going to drive me to drink!”?
I heard a woman say this to her toddler inside Target. I spun around and gave a cold stare to the woman. She didn’t take… Continue reading

Addiction Treatment Program Resources 1-800-303-2938


Addiction Treatment Program Resources 1-800-303-2938 – If you or somebody you know is struggling with a substance abuse problem than it is probably time to get involved in some type of an substance addiction trea…


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Hitting Home: Rising Abuse of Opiates Touches Stoughton, Too

Hitting Home: Rising abuse of opiates touches Stoughton, too
Despite years of recovery programs and even being a mentor at times for others struggling with addiction, Newman relapsed and died from a heroin overdose May 2, 2012, in his Stoughton… Continue reading