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Capital Health Care: E-Cig Ban Takes Effect; Soda Ban Receives Support

...  Health Care: E-cig ban takes effect; soda ban receives support MARIJUANA COMPROMISE –- Senate sponsors of a bill to legalize medical marijuana have amended the statute to narrow the kinds of health conditions the drug can be prescribed to… Continue reading

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Georgia – the River Source

  Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center in Georgia – The River Source – – The River Source offers Georgia patients a positive, supportive environment that is free f…   1984 – Tyson Ritter (All-American Rejects) (30) 1979 – Georgia… Continue reading

Father Young to Testify Before Grand Jury

...  Young to testify before grand jury Young, who began his work with drug and alcohol addicts more than 60 years ago in Albany, has long been the head of more than 90 residential sites, in-patient treatment centers, and halfway… Continue reading

Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers | Alcoholism Drug Treatment

  Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers | Alcoholism Drug Treatment – Drug Alcohol Treatment Centers treat patients with drug, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and other additions through counseling, sober l…   RIA study proposes new treatment method for alcohol problems “For… Continue reading

49ers Linebacker Aldon Smith Arrested at Airport

...  authorities said he became belligerent during a security screening and threatened that he had a bomb. The 24-year-old … A … Read more on KCTV Kansas CityTheater Listings for April 18-24 'The Mysteries' (in previews; opens on Saturday)… Continue reading

Long Term Rehabilitation Centers, Long Term Drug Treatment Facilities, Alcohol Treatment Centers

...  term rehabilitation centers, long term drug treatment facilities, alcohol treatment centers – The Fall 2010 International Treatment Center’s Cooperative Conference held in Vero Beach, Florida co-sponsored by Southworth Associates and The Gonzalez Reco…   Fertility drugs not tied to… Continue reading