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Is Cutting Bad? Is It Rele an “addiction”?

Question by applebry23: is cutting bad? is it rele an “addiction”? ??????? anything helps me here Best answer: Answer by dizzydreamr090yes it can become an addiction for many. Answer by ?Wireless?Im 13 and last year i was clinically depressed so… Continue reading

Has Anyone Ever Undergone “Rapid Detox”?

Question by : Has Anyone Ever Undergone “Rapid Detox”? Please advise if this treatment was beneficial to you or not and why…Thank you. Thanks Jared. My spouse has not been successful yet at tapering down from Suboxone. He has been… Continue reading

Combating Prescription Drug Abuse

...  prescription drug abuse It's a problem that's plaguing communities across the country, where more Americans currently abuse prescription drugs than the number of those using cocaine, hallucinogens and heroin combined, according to the 2011 National Survey on Drug Use… Continue reading

“Substance Abuse” and “issues” ?

Question by ninjagirlz: “Substance abuse” and “issues” ? Why is it that it is said that all people who use “substances” have some sort of other issues, or that they use them to escape whatever their problems are ? Cant… Continue reading

Rising Drug Use Will Result in Increased Dental Problems

...  drug use will result in increased dental problems Australian health experts have warned a rise in drug use will cause an increase in other health issues including severe dental problems. Sharon Liberali, director of the special needs unit at… Continue reading

Clozapine Treatment Question?

Question by winterwild92: clozapine treatment question? what is clozapine treatment? for whom is it intended? does it work? Best answer: Answer by TweetyBird“what is clozapine treatment?” — Well, we don’t say “clozapine treatment”. This med is clozapine (Clozaril and Fazaclo)… Continue reading