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Sheriff Candidate Nicholson Says Integrity Needed in Office

...  candidate Nicholson says integrity needed in office While restoring integrity is one of his goals, Nicholson said, he also plans to address what he calls a major drug problem in the schools. He said one of … Nicholson said… Continue reading

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?

...  You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem? Alcohol and drug use can progress into abuse and even addiction so insidiously that sometimes people do not realize that it has become a problem for them and those around them.… Continue reading

Mental Health/ Adolescent Inpatient/ I Feel Crazy?

Question by yeah: Mental Health/ Adolescent inpatient/ I feel crazy? So, I asked this question before, and I got emails saying I got answers, but the answers didn’t show up? So, let me try a second time. Hello… My name… Continue reading

Restoration House Program for Mothers With Drug Problems?

Question by djvenney: Restoration house program for mothers with drug problems? A community based residentioal treatment program for women with dependent children, shows that 70 percent of women who completed follow up interviews six months after treatment have maintained abstinence… Continue reading

Drug Using Loved One: Someone Please Help!?

...  by Ari Marie: Drug using loved one: Someone please help!? My fiancee has a drug problem. He grew up with a father who did coke and a sister who did heroin, so his marijuana problem doesn’t seem like… Continue reading

Public Records: Chillicothe Municipal Court

...  records: Chillicothe Municipal Court Assault — Jacy D. Lechner, 21, of 1050 Lake Drive, no contest, sentenced to two years of probation and 30 days in Ross County Jail, ordered to complete alcohol and substance abuse counseling and to… Continue reading