Why Is Adderall Considered Addictive?

Question by guyster: Why is Adderall considered addictive?
Adderall is a “class II” drug in the US, considered to have “high potential for abuse.” I took it for a while and it wasn’t addictive for me, and my doctor said none of his patients became addicted. I’ve never heard of *anyone* being addicted to it, yet it’s in the same class as Oxycontin, which I’ve heard of a *number* of people being addicted to. Does anyone understand this, or have they become addicted to Adderall?
Personally, I didn’t care for the side-effects; I’m not pro-Adderall, just curious.
To anyone who says it is addictive; back the claim up with proof. Name a single person who became addicted.
When I read about the “True Life” episode mentioned below, it uses words like “habit” and “abuse”, but not “addiction”.
KTK: Actually, I don’t have classic ADHD, and I found it too overstimulating, as you point out, so I don’t think that’s the reason.

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Answer by Jeffrey Foster
Yes it is very addictive. Although It isn’t like Oxycontin at all.

Answer by KTK
Maybe you didn’t become addicted because you have ADHD so Adderall calms you down and lets you concentrate. For people who don’t have ADHD, adderall is basically speed. It’s made of amphetamine salts, and is supposedly just as addictive as crystal meth. I don’t know anyone personally who is addicted to it, but I know lots of people who use it recreationally as speed so maybe some of them are addicted and I just don’t know it. There was an episode on MTV of “True Life” where ther was a girl who was in rehab because she was an adderall addict.

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