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Addiction Treatment Program Resources 1-800-303-2938


Addiction Treatment Program Resources 1-800-303-2938 – If you or somebody you know is struggling with a substance abuse problem than it is probably time to get involved in some type of an substance addiction trea…


Has Anyone Ever Undergone “Rapid Detox”?

Question by : Has Anyone Ever Undergone “Rapid Detox”?
If so, can you please share your experience? My husband is considering this for his suboxone addiction. He tried to overcome the addiction himself and became sooo suicidal. His guts were… Continue reading

Heroin Addicts Face Barriers to Treatment

Heroin addicts face barriers to treatment
Of the 23.1 million Americans who needed treatment for drugs or alcohol in 2012, only 2.5 million people received aid at a specialty facility, according to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services… Continue reading

New Treatment Center Helps Teens With Substance Abuse, Psychiatric Issues

New treatment center helps teens with substance abuse, psychiatric issues
A new residential treatment center helps local teens receive substance abuse and psychiatric services without having to leave the area, or the state. Devereux Arizona opened the 10-bed facility on… Continue reading

My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict to Magna Cum Laude

My Journey From Homeless Drug Addict To Magna Cum Laude
I went after my recovery like I did my drugs and found I was able to accomplish anything I truly wanted. Today I work with women who serve their prison… Continue reading

What Is the Belladonna Hydrotherapy Treatment for Alcohol Abuse?

Question by JET: what is the belladonna hydrotherapy treatment for alcohol abuse?
heard this was an old treatment back in the 1930’s for people who had alochol abuse problems. trying to find out what it actually was.

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Answer… Continue reading