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If U Have a Drug Conviction Can U Travel to Japan or Canada?

Question by : If u have a drug conviction can u travel to japan or Canada? Best answer: Answer by Carl_the_TruthFelony conviction ? You won’t be seeing Japan. Not sure about Canada. Do you have a passport ? Answer by… Continue reading

Question 4 Former Female Mental Health Inpatients:?

...  by : Question 4 Former Female Mental Health Inpatients:? Were you well treated by staff in general? Including the male staff? Did anyt of the male staff try (or even seem to try) improper behavior while restrained, searched, etc.???… Continue reading

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Pays $9.25 Million in Healthcare Fraud

...  Abuse Treatment Facility Pays .25 Million In Healthcare Fraud … The Department of Justice announced last week that CRC Health Group, a nationwide provider of substance abuse and mental health treatment services, has agreed to pay $ 9.25 million… Continue reading

The Fact– Substance Abuse

...  Fact– Substance Abuse –   Observations of a Lifetime Marijuana Smoker I say relatively harmless because, like anything, pot can be used unwisely, and it can be abused. However, when compared to other legal but regulated commodities such as… Continue reading

Help? What Do I Major and Minor In?

Question by billya: Help? What do i major and minor in? I want to be a drug and alcohol rehab counselor? What do i need to major in? what are some good schools anywhere in the us? Best answer: Answer… Continue reading

Are You an Anti-Drug Czar?

...  by It’s Kippah, Kippah the dawg: Are you an anti-drug czar? From a Yahoo article… According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Adminstration, marijuana was involved in 242,200 visits to hospital emergency rooms in 2005. This means that… Continue reading