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Capital Health Care: E-Cig Ban Takes Effect; Soda Ban Receives Support

Capital Health Care: E-cig ban takes effect; soda ban receives support
MARIJUANA COMPROMISE –- Senate sponsors of a bill to legalize medical marijuana have amended the statute to narrow the kinds of health conditions the drug can be prescribed to… Continue reading

Medical Marijuana Companies Flood Florida Ahead of Ballot Measure

Medical marijuana companies flood Florida ahead of ballot measure
Medical Marijuana of Brevard LLC, Medical Marijuana Business Lawyers LLC and Medical Marijuana Centers of Florida Inc., are among the first positioning to take advantage of a boom, should Florida voters… Continue reading

School Councelors and Drugs……………?

Question by Zach Ransom: school councelors and drugs……………?
so i have a drug addiction and i want help. i feel like i could do it on my own without rehab but i need someone to talk me through it. if… Continue reading

Have You Ever Heard of a Marijuana Anonymous?

Question by Dairy’s Scary: Have you ever heard of a Marijuana Anonymous?
I haven’t.
Chris, I didn’t ask if you could google it for me. I asked if you had heard about it. Now edit your response to tell me… Continue reading

Phoenix Arizona Affordable Holistic Mesa, AZ Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Arizona


Phoenix Arizona Affordable Holistic Mesa, AZ Drug Rehab Treatment Center in Arizona – THE RIVER SOURCE Addiction Treatment Facility – – in Mesa, AZ is a Reputable, Low Cost, Holistic Upscale Arizona Drug Alcoh…


This Medical Marijuana… Continue reading

NJ Transit Sued for Suspending Employee in Medical Marijuana Program

NJ Transit sued for suspending employee in medical marijuana program
View/Post Comments. In what may be the first legal test of the state's medical marijuana law in the workplace, a 57-year-old Newark man with end stage renal failure is suing… Continue reading